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Custom welding machines and fixtures High resolution seat gear tooth vision system Custom high-heat glass handling conveyor
Robotic gas tank handler with robotic
vision inspection
Hummer gas tank pump continuity machine
with server data collection
Robotic raw glass pallet unload cell
(smooth & textured glass) 
Car seat frame torgue gun assembly station Bulk head frames for waterway lock repair  Retooling of existing weld process
with robot reprogramming
Dishwasher door insulation pad process
with overhead operator platform
Consumer packaging line with
robotic palletizing 
Commercial air handling unit assembly station
Robotic Braze Welding Application Robotic Load/Unload Driveshaft Paint Line
with Vision System
15 Ton Embosser Roll Transport
Automated Bottle Palletizing System Balancing Propeller Type Sewer Agitator Teflon Rolls for Protein Bar Manufacturer
Automated Fan Assembly Station with Torque
Gun Verification & Barcode Reader
Robotic Casting Palletizer with Barcode Verification/Tracking Robotic Stainless Steel TIG Welder
Robotic Press Palletizing with Part Vision Tracking & Automatic EOAT Changing Stations (2) 8000 gal. Wash Tanks with (4) 5 ton Hoist Stations, Mezzanine, Water Heaters, and Circulation Pumps  (7) Robot Cell – Depalletizing & Palletizing for Laser Welding Application